Terminales Portuarios Euroandinos S.A (TPE) – Paita

Terminal Operator: Terminales portuarios Euroandinos
Position of terminal: Lat: 05°05’’ S / Long: 081°07’’ W
Berth type (SBM / CBM / JETTY / PIER): Pier
Max Draft: Pier 1-A: 10mts | Pier 1-B: 12mts | New Container Pier: 12mts
Max LOA: Pier 1-A: 200mts | Pier 1-B: 290mts | New Container Pier: 290mts
Max DWT: Pier 1-A: 30,000 M.T | Pier 1-B: 55,000 M.T
Capacity of vessel´s crane: 5 tons
Manifold normally used: Portside
Rate of discharge / loading: Phosrock: Load: 800-900 MT / shift | Ethanol: Load: 200-250 MT / hour
Cargo grade: Canned and frozen fish, fishmeals and fish oils, fruits, shrimps, phosphate rock, cotton and ethanol.
Tug boat requirement: 2 tug boats (in/out)
Launch boat requirement: 2 launches (in/out)